Get any 3 undies and save €5

Any order of 3 Bits x Blindsaay undies comes with a postcard.

Printed on premium quality 300g OldMill paper that will look extra cute hanging on your wall.


the artist

Lindsay Arakawa

We teamed up with Tokyo-based artist and creative Lindsay Arakawa to create the Bits x Blindsaay collection. Inspired by her art, which layers hand lettering on dreamy photography shot on 35mm film, we co-created three new colorways that represent Lindsay’s aesthetic.


our ambition

Designed for all butts.

This collection celebrates the idea that every body is an underwear model. We share Lindsay’s passion for diversity and want underwear to be accessible, fun and, of course, cute for all.

cute butts for everybody

our brand new shades

Your new
favorite color.

Meet the Bits x Blindsaay shades: Heaven, a dreamy light blue. Barbie, the girliest pink. And Poison, a funky green.




our process

Match made in heaven.

How it all started

After admiring Lindsay’s work from afar for a while, we finally reached out and got on a Zoom call to exchange ideas. Our idea: to co-create a special collection that would represent her aesthetic.

Color Selection

Lindsay loves beautiful colors that harmonize. Looking through her work, we found our three new colorways. We chose to make the embroidery clash to make the collection cohesive.

Lindsay's Process

"I'd say that my process is probably more therapeutic than anything else. I really enjoy any activity that allows me to zone out and since my lettering is always hand-drawn on my iPad via Procreate, it's sort of become a way for me to clear my mind while being creative, and it doesn't require too much of my mental energy."