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typography: bitsxmarina typography: homebody

the artist

Marina Coenen

Marina is a Spanish photographer with a special talent for capturing people in a genuine, unfiltered way.

Reality is what she finds most beautiful, as opposed to idealised versions of her subjects. Unedited, genuine moments that make people feel something are what keeps her going.

the artist: Spanish photographer Marina Coenen

our concept


Homebody is about being at home no matter where you are – it’s being at home in your body.

Our campaign shows people in their homes. This is where they feel most comfortable. In their undies, on their own terms.

typography: home typography: body

our seasonal shades

Meet our new colors.

The Bits x Marina limited edition collection features three earthy tones with electric neon embroideries.

Atlantic, a classic ocean blue. Terra, an earthy rust red. Treetop, a deep leafy green with a vintage feel.




our process

We feel at home with each other.

How it all started

The first time we worked with Marina was our very first campaign shoot. We wanted to work with someone who can effortlessly make her subjects comfortable and capture their natural beauty. Our very talented friend Marina was an easy choice.

Color Selection

The colors were inspired by Marina’s aesthetic, and especially a photo series from a recent trip to Morocco. Earthy colors immediately suited not just her photography but also her personal style.

Campaign shoot

Being restricted by the pandemic, gave us a creative challenge to realize our campaign. Marina met our subjects in Barcelona and Amsterdam, her two home bases. Portraying them in their homes, allowed Marina to do what she does best: to capture people as they are, comfortable in their own skin.