When can I place my order?

We will launch this summer and will shoot you an email, once our pre-order list opens.

What materials do you use?

We are in the process of sourcing materials. Our priority is that it’s healthy for your vagina. Our second priority is to have minimal environmental impact, working with sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly fabrics.

Will you make seamless underwear?

Seamless underwear uses synthetic materials. Cotton and similar materials fray at the edges without seams, diminishing the quality. So our undies will have seams, but we’re working on creating the softest, most comfortable solution.

What kind of fits are you making?

We are launching with 3 fresh fits, designed to be comfortable and flattering. We developed them to counter common struggles we ourselves have with underwear, including pinching seams, muffin tops and fabrics that make you sweaty.

Who took these awesome photos?

That's the very talented Marina Coenen. Check out her Instagram @marinacoenen