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So what's our story?

We made the underwear
of our dreams.

our story

We are rethinking underwear to inspire self-love.

For too long underwear has felt patronizing: You can’t look sexy if there’s no lace. Granny panties are for your eyes only. Practical underwear can not be exciting. Lingerie can only be modeled by bodies who are unattainable for a majority of the population.

Not anymore.

story-selflove story-selflove

our vision

Practical is cool.
Comfortable is sexy.

We’re creating the underwear we have always wanted. Flattering, made for every day, supersoft and made of sustainable fabric.

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who are we?

Three friends who don’t want lingerie, just good underwear.

We are Mafalda Haugsand, Lara Wagner and Fanny Zintl and we founded Bits Bodywear in 2018. We are three friends who bonded over struggling to find underwear that we truly loved, so we created Bits to reflect a new vision of underwear that is flattering for every body.

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